Friday, May 16, 2008

Recent Photos

Here are some pics taken by Herb Lee during the past 2weeks.


Anonymous said...

Is that your birthday picture with the lei? You look so beautiful and happy! I'm glad they treated you well.


Kali said...

You look beautiful Mom! Great pictures! Looks like you celebrated your 25th bday in style! Cute shirt! Miss you! I'll see you pretty soon now! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,
I was going to wait til next week when you're finished, but I had to comment on the pics. Dee, you look WONDERFUL!!! You look so healthy, your tan is beautiful. I would have fried like a french fry out there in the sun. I guess I'm understanding more how this all agrees with you. But you're still my hero. Hope all goes well for you and your family at the end of this journey. Can't wait to see your smiling face soon!!!
Love You,
Linda T

Laura said...

Hello, Dee --

Let me echo others. . . you look terrific! Happy, healthy, and re-invigorated.

Safe travels until your toes reach the Atlantic!


Donalee said...

Ditto! You look fantastic!!! I envy your tan. :o)
Safe travels to the Atlantic and then to Pittsburgh. I have a feeling that the drive home with your family will be the most memorable and special of all of the miles of your journey. :o)

Kali said...

"Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”

-Matsuo Basho

Only 4 more days until we come for you!!!! Can't wait!!! Love you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,

Sorry it's been a few days since I posted. I cannot believe that this crazy, admirable, wonderful trip of yours is almost over. I hope it is and was everything you wanted it to be. I have always loved and admired you, but my heart expands even more each time I think of you pedaling as you search for and find your inner peace. As you are heading for the final leg of your trip, we'll be heading south to North Carolina to start Jenna on the next step of her life's adventure. I'm happy you'll be heading home where everyone will be waiting with open arms...maybe to hold you in one place for a bit. I'm happy for Jenna as well, but will probably need a shoulder to cry on occasionally when the missing her sets in. Anyway, proud doesn't come close to saying what we all feel about you. Soak it in and hold tight to the memories and the peace.
Much love my friend, Shar

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,
I wasn't sure when you all were coming in to St. Augustine but I see Kali said 4 days from the 20th. That must be today. Wow .... what a reunion you'll have. Can't imagine how much they missed you and the charisma you bring to every situation. I've probably thought more about you in this last week than any other as the trip winds down. Road life or travel life or out on a limb life is so drastically different from regular life... You've made the transition many times before and I pray that you'll be able to peacefully do it again. You've put us all in new places throughout the country and in our own minds as well...we've seen a little bit of life through your eyes and all are better for it. I think we've all learned to embrace life, family, friends a little better during this trip with you, examining where we are and where we want to's a slow process but one that can't be rushed as you well know. We're all a bit richer because of you and the inner forces that drive you. God bless you in the transition home and in your quest for peace. Love, Linda O.