Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pics from Edge of Texas into Lousiana

Hi Folks: It's been a while since Dee has been able to go on line. We talked with her on Sunday night. She's doing well. The group heads east and is a few days into Lousiana. Below are pictures from Herb Lee's site to give an idea of the scenery along the way. Take care, Robbie.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, I hope you know how much your input on Dee's blog means to all of us at Curves. We were wondering if everything was going well and watching for a new posting and of course you came through for us. I'm just in awe of what she has accomplished!
Hi Dee, I hope you used your tent that night in the Forest!! We were wondering how you would get your hair cut, and now we know, you have a beautician on board! I hope the journey is going much faster for you than it is for us..or maybe not..you look so happy. You are just a happy person, that's why I like to start my morning with you at Curves, I always leave there feeling good. I have to say though, Pam is doing a great job filling in for you. Well, stay strong, be safe and get home soon!
Love you,
Linda T.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee.....It's always a wonderful way to either start my day or end the day when I read your blog! You are doing GREAT !! Just think your journey is almost over....I bet you can't wait ....You have amazed so many people especially us girls at Curves....we talk about you every day !! Be safe on those roads...You're in my thoughts and prayers each day ....See you soon....you are truly missed !

Luv Ya...

Anonymous said...

Looking good. Keep safe and see you soon!

Anonymous said...

The roads roll on and on and you keep riding. You look strong and happy. It's amazing that you are on the "downhill slope" of this ride. I can hardly believe you are getting close to the end of this amazing adventure.
Rob, congrats on finding your ring! Lots of great karma going on.
Stay safe Dee...Love, Shar

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Dee...that is how I want my next hair cut...with a silver tin on my head. You look great in the pictures, big smile, nice and tan and looking content. I am so proud of you and your accomplishment and just a few weeks and you will be home with all that love and miss you. Take care, be safe and will look for the next posting. Rob...great new on the ring. Love MJ

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee
The finish line is closer....looking forward to seeing you....
Hang in there and pedal safely..
Miss you
Cheryl K.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we are still in awe over your accomplishments. You are a riding marvel! The finish line is so close. (Easy for us to say)
Hope you have a great birthday on the road! Happy Mother's Day!
Love & Prayers,
Karen & Pat

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day...also...Happy Birthday next week. "It's just another candle on your cake. Well, thats no cause to pout. Be glad that you have the strength enough to blow the damn thing out." A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip... Miss ya and have a great day...Love MJ

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Girl. I wanted so to send you a card so just pretend you got one from me. So are you forty thirteen? A mere youngster!

We got back yesterday from jims graduation. It was great, of course you know I love graduations. He had two - departmental about 200 kids and the big one - 5,500 kids. It was over the top. Got to go to a party at Jim's - scary. Sat by the pool on Friday and biked in the snow on Saturday. Colorado is wild! One graduated and one to go this year. Heres hoping we get Bobby his diploma.

Hope your weather is good and the scenery great. By the way - you look very skinny on the recent pictures! (Thats my birthday present to you.)


Laura said...

Hi Dee --

Don't know when you will have a chance to pick this up, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day.

This one, more than others, probably has special meaning for you.

The bonds of motherhood often go unspoken until we reach a day like this one, but you and I know how deep and persistent they really are.

All of your children are lucky to have a mother like you. Forever.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dee,

You are so awesome and I am extraordinarily proud to call you my friend. I can't wait to hear about your adventure over coffee, floating down the river, relaxing on the deck. We will all be together again soon and there is so much to tell.

Your determination and achievement are inspriring and I think of you all of the time. Actually, I think of you and Tyler, Jamie, Rob, and Kali every single day. Sometimes with joy in my soul, sometimes with sorrow, but every day. You are never far from my thoughts and have never been closer.

I love you and can't wait to see you,


Kali said...

Hi Ma! Well I'll probably talk to you on the phone before you get this post...but anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I've been thinking about you all day and I wish you were here so we could celebrate your awesome mom skills. As I’ve gotten older it has become clear to me that I can never be too far from you. You have a presence that transcends distance and time, because no matter how far I am from you or you are from me, I always see your smile and hear your voice. I remember your wise words—“Life doesn’t end after 21, honey.” Well, I just turned 22 and as usual, you were right. (Even though I still feel like I could have crammed in a little more before the big 2-2.) Jamie and I have done so well during your trip away because for us, you never left. We know that no matter where you are, you’re always with us and that's just one of your wonderful traits that makes you a truly exceptional mom. I'm so proud to call my own, now and always. Thank you for being the amazing human being that you are. We are so blessed. Love you, Happy Riding and Happy Mother's Day! Hope to catch a new post soon...it's been awhile!

Your hija -Kali

Anonymous said...

HAPPY Mothers day MOM!! mabey i cant beat ou kali's message, but i just wanted to say your the coolest/best mom ever!! -JAMIE

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee - I finally relocated your blog address just in time to wish you a happy Mothers Day and birthday. I just read the whole blog from May 6th backwards to the beginning. Fantastic! It reads like a novel (have you thought about publishing?) complete with laughter and tears. What a fantastic journey. And the photos are wonderful. You look so fit and trim. I am envious of your muscles! But not willing to put in the hard work and miles to get them. We're so proud of you!
Matt is enjoying his job and the River House. (The River House too much, we are strongly urging him to find an apartment ASAP). You're in our thoughts and prayers! Laura S.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee
Have just read your blog as I am thinking of doing the southern tier in 2012. Congratulations- a great achievement. How was the climate for you? I'm from the UK and concerned about the heat. I thought I might go with ACA in Sept/Nov. What do you think.
Best wishes
e mail is janicemsmall@hotmail.com