Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Learn to be Still

Hi All-- this morning -the morning after my birthday I was listening to an old Eagles song "Learn to be Still" and I thought about how that is still something I am learning to do.....I love the motion -the rhythm- the heartbeating- the anticipation- ....I suppose that is just part of how I am ...
Yesterday was an amazing day -- it was a 75 mile day, which included a 10 mile bridge over the gulf in Alabama (actually we had only crossed in to Alabama earlier that day). On the highest part of the bridge we were riding as high as the Pelicans were flying ---boats beneath us --sun shining -it was glorious. We also had a ferry ride and then the last 21 miles brought us along a stip of land with water on both sides of me. I am a distracted rider when I am near water....and my riding partners think my day dreaming gets out of hand at moments....but I made it to our motel and we went out for a great seafood meal where the whole gang made me feel so great to turn 53! Today is our rest day and I am on my way to the beach when I leave this off I go...thinking of you all...thanks for all the birthday well wishes!! love, Dee


Anonymous said...

Wow, Dee, amazing that you are in the home stretch of your very long journey. What a special time it's been for you and everyone going with you vicariously. You will have many memories to cherish for years to come. Your willpower is simply amazing and we are all in awe of you. We look forward to seeing you and listening to lots of "road stories"...Love Mardie and Jim

Anonymous said...

Love you girl! Take it easy and get happy to come back .....remember your one day older now....see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Dee, I have pictures of you and your bike on the refrigerator. I can smell the heat coming off the asphalt and the smell of the ocean ahead. I know this thing will never leave you, that is the best part.Big hugs,
Mark S.

Kali said...

Hi Mom! Good to read some new posts....I'm with Vula! Get HAPPY about seeing all of us! Yaaa, we aren't as exciting as what you've been through over the past months but we love you! I think you'd like this poem. It's called "Dream Song of a Woman."

Where the mountain crosses,
On top of the mountain,
I do not myself know where.
I wandered where my mind and
my heart seemed to be lost.
I wandered away.

Frances Densmore (From the Papago)

I'm so glad this journey has been everything you looked for and much more but now it's time to wander home! Love you lots!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dee and Rob for the inspirational comments. You are both such beautiful writers. I feel lifted up and emotional myself every time I read your posts. I do agree with Kali, come home Dee! Your journey will mean more if you stop and reflect.


marylee said...

hey, dee. been following your story and experiences with awesome wonder. You are in your element and we are all so proud of your challenges. can't wait to hear everythng firsthand. when you tell your stories you'll remember stuff you can't believe. saw so many 'dees' in italy that you have become a verb, as in "look, there's someone else dee-ing!" love you. marylee

Anonymous said...

Dee, I am so sorry to be late wishing you Happy Birthday, but know I was thinking of you all week. Your notes hae been so helpful to me during this past two months. Its so hard trying to be brave but I keep trying.

Rob you are a wonderful man so supporting of both Dee and the children. I know Dee knows how lucky she is.

Travel safe Dee my prayers are with you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Dee,
A million apologies I didn't look up your birth DATE. Was so sure it was the 18th. So much for my 51 year old brain!!! What a birthday to remember - it will never go away. Someone said that you'll be able to reflect better when you get home and stop a while. How true. This trip will stay alive in you for many many years. We met a woman who had been home from the peace corp for almost two years and our comment was that she "just" got back and how fresh it must still be. She was surprised to hear us say that as she felt that way but most people thought 2 yrs. was a long time. (I'll cont. next blog message.) LO

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee, Yeah, I know, I talk too much!!
Anyhow, The biggest part of your growth and reflection is still ahead. I know you're way more perceptive and creative than me but to this day, 18 years home from Chile, we are still comparing, reflecting, wishing, dreaming, wondering, sharing and marveling at all of our experiences. (Even our little 3 wk. trip last year renewed it all.) Any time of intensity burns deep in your soul and just never leaves you. It wakes you up completely and insists you never forget. Anything can trigger intense memories and send you to a place no one else can go. You can laugh or cry just sitting on a chair somewhere or waiting for a light to change. This trip is more than any of us will ever know and I'm thrilled that you have captured it for yourself. The time is now short but it will be there for your lifetime. (And we will do everything we can to horn in on it every chance we get so be patient.)
I love you so much Dee. You are so right. It is all good. Linda O.

Lisa said...


It has been a lot of fun to read about your wonderful adventures! So many diverse experiences along the way. Ending a first big trip is always such sweet sorrow. There will never be another "first time" like it. But reading your journal makes me so incredibly eager to do another trip, and that is always a joy too! I just ordered a new pair of rear panniers and will be eager to give them a test run.
Happy Belated Biker Birthday!